travel writing




“Musing in Paris”

> a traveler’s exploration of inspiration amid the bookstores and bakeries of Paris (appeared in Fall 2011 Sashay Magazine, print edition):

Musing in Paris


“Suite Gratitude”

> unexpected hospitality in Tours (central town of the Loire valley) leaves a lasting impression and a three-part suite of culinary inspiration (appeared in Sashay Magazine, premier issue 2011, print edition)::

Suite Gratitude



“You Can Take the Girl Out of London”

> traveling on a nostalgia passport means searching for what you’ve left behind, but such a trip can only feed your soul if you are willing to find something else instead.

2 thoughts on “travel writing

  1. Jane Sellman says:

    Hi –Just wanted to tell you. Read Sugar Shines in the Air on the Alimentum website and loved it — looking forward to reading your writing here on your blog.

    • wellfedpoet says:

      Thanks so much, Jane! Looking forward to connecting with you over writing here and elsewhere (I think I’ve just followed you on Twitter).

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