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~ As of Winter 2016-2o17 (Northern Hemisphere), I am now coaching near and far using easily accessible technology. This works flexibly via messaging (text, WhatsApp, Messenger, etc), email, videochat (Skype, Google Hangouts, etc), or phone (or a combination). We can work together no matter where you are located, what your schedule is, or what the local weather might be. I am also still available for in-person coaching in half-day and longer intensives (primarily in the Boston, U.S.A. area, and also other locations linked to my travel schedule). Please contact me if you’re interested in these possibilities – we’ll have a real conversation about what you need and how I can serve you.

~forthcoming in Spring 2017, my reflective essay “In a Series of Silences“, in the anthology of true stories from survivors of sexual trauma, Things We Haven’t Said, ed. Erin Moulton (Zest Books, 2017) *note: this will be Zest’s featured title for June 2017, but pre-orders are open right now From the publisher: “These twenty stories – coming from a diverse but uniformly impressive group of women – open the door to new conversations on one of the hardest topics we will ever have to address.” Proceeds from the anthology are being donated to survivor support organizations.

~I had a little surgery (the deft removal of my thyroid and the bit of cancer that was hanging out there) on July 08, 2014, so I created Sharon’s Thyroid Goodbye Party, a little blog about the experience  Please feel free to share with others who may be going through something similar. And, by the way, I’m doing great, feeling fantastic, and getting into more deep and delightful creative work.

~ An excerpt “Sugar Shines in the Air“, from my novel-in-verse EARLY EARL AND THE LATE-NIGHT SHINE, as well as my poem “What My Neighbourhood Eats” have been published in the March 2014 issue of Alimentum (journal of the literature of food):

~ I performed “In the Dark of Solstice Light for a wonderful all-ages crowd of 250 people circled around a beautiful fire on the grounds of the historic Old Manse in Concord, MA as part of the community Solstice celebrations on December 21, 2013. The weather was ideal and the spirit of the music (cheers to our Voices for the Earth chorus with warmly welcoming leader guitarist Fred Lindgren), the poetry, the participants, and the environment (the event was organized by the Musketaquid Arts and Environment program at The Emerson Umbrella Center for the Arts in Concord) was completely in harmony. Particularly gratifying as the event has been rained out more than once.

~ I was almost a “flash poet” on Boston Common on Friday, July 19th, 2-4pm, as part of wonderful writers’ center Grub Street’s literary contribution to the exciting (and free) Outside the Box arts festival Alas, the Grub Street tent near the Frog Pond was closed down right before my shift due to the record-breaking typewriter-melting hot temperatures (99-ish degree F!) and so I will look forward to writing a poem for you another time (there may even be vintage writing implements involved)!

My song “In the Spirit of This Place” was performed June 21, 2013 at the Concord, MA community Solstice Celebration (set on and around the river at the historic Old North Bridge and Old Manse) by the Voices for the Earth Chorus (part of the Musketaquid Arts and Environment Program based at Emerson Umbrella for the Arts in Concord, MA). The chorus sang on the bridge, as a flotilla of lantern-lit boats paddled in the sunset. See and hear a few magical moments on YouTube

Thanks to everyone who made this relaxed, family-friendly, music-graced evening possible, especially Carol Hamilton, Director of The Voices for the Earth chorus, who bravely gave me several wonderful opportunities to hear my work performed for an appreciative community, and who, with guitarist Fred Lindgren, arranged this piece. For updates on future solstice events, see

~ My poem “Boulevard Diner, Worcester”  has been selected by the editors of Alimentum (“The Literature of Food”) for inclusion in Menupoems 2013, a restaurant-themed project celebrating April – National Poetry Month: (scroll to 3rd poem from the top)


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