collaboration & community

Last post I was singing the praises of solitude. Today I am drunk with the energy of collaboration and community. And hugely grateful to the technology that makes it all possible – the cellphone calls and emails and mp3 recordings sailing through the ether that make it possible for a couple of co-writers, now living in different parts of the state, to keep in touch and keep creative as the novel progresses (Bookberry and Inch,; the listservs and Twitter tweets and blogs and sites that connect our wild and determined interlocking communities of creators and let so many opportunities come into our individual awareness. It has been a week of synchronicity and surprise – with special thanks to the energetic Edith Cohn and to the elephant that unexpectedly turned up in my mail (snail mail, no less – big snail, small elephant, of course – otherwise laws of physics would have cracked down the middle) which reminded me of the specialness of Kate DiCamillo’s The Magician’s Elephant and let me end the week laughing, smiling, and saying thank you to her for her fabulous webcast interview with so many truths about the writing life and the challenges of creative work in any realm:

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