vitamin “S”…

It’s quite amazing how easily I forget or put aside what I know to be true of myself. One of the things I know is that I love solitude, especially un- or under-scheduled time with which to play, like a potter experiments with shapes in clay. Maybe some of those shapes will become something tangible, maybe they won’t. It is the freedom, unjudged and unmonitored by anyone else, that holds the value. But like forgetting to take my vitamins, sometimes that basic nourishing need gets neglected. So to remind myself, I’ll be dipping into a book that I was ecstatic to run across when it first came out 20 years ago, Anthony Storr’s Solitude: A Return to the Self. Connections to others are crucially important, but when I lose or minimize my connection to myself, I’m not fun to be around (grumpy!) 

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