2014-03-11 01.10.17

balancing the books (in front of one of my large abstract paintings)

I’m Sharon Abra Hanen. My middle name, Abra, is related to the Aramaic for “I create”, the source of the word “abracadabra”, so maybe I’m destined to work with the magic of creativity.

I’m a writer (for almost always), a poet (which is more about how I see the world than what ends up on the page), an artist (exploring color and sound and other wonders), and a creativity coach (I trained with Eric Maisel, the founder of the field of creativity coaching and author of many highly-regarded books on creativity, including Fearless Creating, in various training programs including “Advanced Creativity Coaching” and “Coaching Writers”)

I am also an advocate for creative lives, an entrepreneurial thinker, an appreciator of the neuro-atypical mind, a creative strategy advisor, a project partner, and a creative community builder.

Right now I’m deep into creating novels for younger readers (primarily age 9-12, but we don’t check ID!) and poetry that celebrates lightness and darkness and stability and change (and most of all, gets to the heart).

Some of the things that feed my creative life are: great mentors, fresh raspberries, good friends, walking, singing, children’s books, behavioral economics, dark chocolate, tears, my parents (a philosophy professor and an architect – perhaps why I like to ask questions and make things), music, hugs, a powerful sense of possibility, serendipity, and being able to help other people move towards what matters most to them.


age 13, swinging on a corral gate in Alberta, Canada

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